Frequently Asked Questions


How does a shared desk differ from a dedicated desk?

The main differences between a dedicated desk and a shared desk is as follows:

  • Dedicated desks can be setup with personal belongings, office supplies, and other custom attribuets as you see fit. Shared desks are, as the name implies, something that is shared between many people, and must be left in the same state you arrive in.
  • Dedicated desks Are provided a parking spot in the TechBrewery lot, while Shared desks must use street parking along Broadway street
  • Dedicated desks come with keys to access the building 24/7. Shared desks Can only be used once the TechBrewery area is open (generally, 9AM EST - 5:30PM EST)
  • Dedicated desks are intended to be used as you see fit, on any days and at any times. Shared desks are meant to be used a occasionally, up to 8 hours a week.
How many desks can I rent?
  • For dedicated desks, we limit you to purchasing four at a time. If you wish to rent more than four dedicated desks at once,
  • For shared desks, you can purchase as many as you want, but you'll need to go through the checkout process once each per shared desk.
Is there a discount for purchasing more than one desk?

Depending on the type of desk, there may be. If you see pricing that mentions "as low as" in the description, that indicates there is a break in pricing after you rent at least one desk. If a subscription says "as low as $200", the first desk will be slightly higher, and then go down to the lower amounts as more desks are added.


How many meeting rooms are there, and what amenities do they have?

There is a single meeting room in the TechBrewery, which has a table in it along with 6 chairs, and a whiteboard.

How do I schedule meetings?

Once you are signed up and a paying member of the site, you can schedule a meeting by checking out the meetings page of the site. Here you add meetings up to 3 hours in length.

There is also an ipad located next to the meeting room that allows you to schedule meetings from that as well.

If I rent several dedicated desks, can I give my team members access to create meetings?

Yes, you can! If you are the primary account holder and you rent more than one dedicated desk at the TechBrewery, you can add what's called "collaborators" to your account. These collaborators can add meetings, and show up as associated employees of your company. See the "Collaborators" section below.

Billing / Payments / Cancellations

How and when am I charged each month?

When you get a subscription (dedicated desk or shared desk) at the TechBrewery, you'll be charged immediately after submitting your payment details, and every month on the same date after that until you cancel. So if you signed up on the 13th of January, You'll be charged on the 13th of February, the 13th of March, etc.

On your credit card statement, it will show up as TB: DEDICATED DESK or TB: SHARED DESK".

How do I see what desks I am currently renting/paying for?

Once you are logged into your account, you can see all the desks you are paying for on the user edit page down at the bottom under "Manage Subscriptions".

If you do not see any subscription information down at the bottom, you might be a collaborator, or you might not have rented any desks yet.

How do I cancel one or more TechBrewery memberships?

There's a few different ways that members can subscribe to the TechBrewery site, especially if they've been a member for a long time. Here are the most common strategies for finding out how to cancel their account:

  • To start off, to see which desks you are renting, and how you are paying for them, check your user edit page down at the bottom under "Manage Subscriptions". Under the "Payment Method" column, you'll see if you are paying via Paypal, Credit Card, Check, or some other way. Based on that, you'll find detailed instructions below as to how to cancel.
  • If it says are using PayPal, click here
  • If it says are using Credit Card, you can click the big red Cancel button next to the desk you wish to cancel. If that button is disabled, you may need to cancel another desk first before cancelling that one (see "why is the cancel button disabled next to my desk subscription?")
  • If it says are using Check or Other, you'll need to email to get everything worked out.


What is a collaborator?

If you purchase multiple dedicated desks on the TechBrewery, you may want to give someone access to the TechBrewery site's features (such as allowing other members of your company to schedule meetings). We call these users "collaborators" on the TechBrewery website

How many collaborators can I have on my TechBrewery account?

You can have as many collaborators as you have additional dedicated desks (beyond your own). For example, if you rent 2 dedicated desks at the TechBrewery, you'll be able to add 1 collaborator. If you rent 3 dedicated desks you'll be able to add 2 collaborators, etc.

How do I add a collaborator (or collaborators) to my account?
  • Go to your user edit page after logging in
  • Scroll down to the "Company Collaborators" section of the page
  • Press the "Add Collaborator" button
  • Enter the email address of the person who will be collaborating with you at the TechBrewery
  • Repeat until you have added as many collaborators as your account allows or you are finished adding collaborators
  • Click the "Update" button
How do I remove collaborator(s) from my account?
  • Go to your user edit page after logging in
  • Scroll down to the "Company Collaborators" section of the page
  • Press the "Remove Collaborator" button underneath the person you wish to remove as a collaborator.
  • Click the "Update" button

General Questions

Can I use the TechBrewery's mailing address to recieve mail?

Yes! Both shared desks and dedicated desks can use the TechBrewery address to recieve mail.